See Inside Planet Earth

Katie Daynes

Age: 6+


Series: See Inside

See Inside Planet Earth

By: Katie Daynes

Illustrated by Peter Allen

Series : See Inside, How It Works

Age 6+

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A brilliant flap book that delves deep into the mysteries of the geography of the Earth. Each page is covered with flaps that reveal and explain the Earth's structure, climate and environments, from desert to arctic tundra. Includes pages revealing the problems of climate change and ways to reduce global warming. With over 80 sturdy flaps, and internet links to websites to find out more.
16 pages
285.1 x 214.7mm
Board ISBN:
Key Stage:
KS1, KS2
Publication Date:
March 2008
Work Reference:

1 Earth in space

2 A blanket of gases

3 Warming up

4 A watery world

5 Hot and cold deserts

6 Mountains, rivers and forests

7 Changing climates

8 Saving our planet

Katie Daynes
Katie has been writing non-fiction children's books for almost half her life and loves questioning the world from a child's point of view. She's developed some of Usborne's bestselling series, including the See Inside books and Lift-the-flap Questions and Answers. When she's not writing, she likes drinking coffee, walking on the moors and playing competitive board games with her children.

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Geographical Association Awards 2009

Lift the flaps on each brightly coloured page of this book to uncover lots of amazing information about how the Earth works.

The Week Junior

likely to make a significant contribution to geographical education.

Judges' comment - Geographical Awards 2009

perfect for readers aged 6+

Write Away Website

A great way to inspire early interest in science and geography. This entertaining book is bound to captivate children as it explains the mysteries of Earth's geography and reveals hidden secrets of life on our planet with bright illustrations, fun facts and pull up flaps. A thought provoking book for kids.

youfirst magazine Issue 18 Summer 2008

It is a good starting point to encourage greater awareness of the world, and some of the big issues, without getting too involved in the technical issues and rather scary science!

ecozine website - www.ecozine.co.uk

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See Inside Planet Earth