Psychology for Beginners

Lara Bryan, Eddie Reynolds and Rose Hall

Age: 10+


Series: For Beginners

Psychology for Beginners

By: Lara Bryan, Eddie Reynolds, Rose Hall

Illustrated by Tim Bradford

Series : For Beginners

Age 10+

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Fully-illustrated and filled with real-world examples, this book explains the basics of psychology, from how people think, feel and behave to how scientists can study and be sure about what is actually going on in other people's brains.
128 pages
245 x 179.4mm
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March 2022
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What is psychology?
So much to explore...
Looking for answers
Psychology's close relatives

Chapter 1: Experiments
Psychologists ask questions about how people think, feel or behave. They then find a way to test possible answers.

Chapter 2: The core functions of the mind
How do we sense our surroundings, learn language or remember things?

Chapter 3: Thinking things through
How do we make judgements and decisions? And do they always make sense?

Chapter 4: Differences between people
We're all unique but we're also very similar. How do psychologists define the difference between us?

Chapter 5: Growing up and up
We turn from a tiny cell to a baby, to a child, to an adult. Psychologists call this development.

Chapter 6: We are social creatures
Discover how our behaviour is affected by the people around us.

Chapter 7: Brains and mental health
Meet your brain, and find out about brain illnesses, injuries and other mental health problems.

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Lara Bryan
Lara has loved books since the days of being read bedtime stories by her Irish dad and French mum. At school she set up a secondhand bookshop called Books Change Lives, and went on to study English and Italian at Oxford University. After teaching in Italy and Myanmar, she got her dream job as a writer for Usborne Publishing. From explaining how economics works, to inventing boredom-busting activities, to telling a good dragon yarn, she's enjoyed every minute of the job.

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Eddie Reynolds
Eddie joined Usborne Publishing in 2017. Before that, he studied German and French at Cambridge University, then moved to Berlin after a short while teaching Ancient History at a school in Guangzhou, China. Now back in the UK, he writes books about all sorts, including computers, maps and engineering.

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Rose Hall
Rose grew up in Northumberland, studied Physiology at Oxford and looked after orphaned orangutans for a bit. She worked in the charity sector for ten years, writing about issues from renewable energy, to the safety of workers in Bangladesh. For Usborne, she's written books about engineering, business, computers and the environment.

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SLA Information Book Award 2023

Teachers’ resources

This resource pack focuses upon recognizing and understanding feelings and can be used with children from EYFS through to KS2.

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