Poppy and Sam's Farm Animal Sounds

Sam Taplin

Age: 12+ months


Series: Farmyard Tales Poppy and Sam

Poppy and Sam's Farm Animal Sounds

By: Sam Taplin

Illustrated by Lizzie Walkley

Series : Farmyard Tales Poppy and Sam

Age 12+ months

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Join Poppy and Sam for a tour of Apple Tree Farm and all of its noisy animals. There's a different animal to hear on each double-page, including Woolly the Sheep, Curly the Pig and Clucky the Hen. At the end, all the farm animals make their noises together. And, of course, the famous little yellow duck is hiding somewhere in each picture.
10 pages
170 x 170mm
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July 2023
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Sam Taplin
Sam Taplin grew up in a beautiful valley in Yorkshire, where he dreamed of being a writer, and after three years reading other people's books at university he started writing his own for Usborne. He's been doing it ever since. When he's not writing about lonely rabbits or inquisitive bears, he likes doing card tricks, writing songs and playing long games of chess by the fire.

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Poppy and Sam's Farm Animal Sounds