Planet Earth Mazes

Sam Smith

Age: 5+


Series: Mazes

Planet Earth Mazes

By: Sam Smith

Illustrated by Various

Series : Mazes, Maze Books

Age 5+

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Discover the wonders of life on Earth as you find your way through this selection of mazes. Each maze is more challenging than the last, from navigating rainforests and piles of recycling to climbing mountains and avoiding monsoons. A brilliant way to learn about our planet, with all the answers at the back of the book.
64 pages
305.6 x 249.4mm
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July 2020
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Sam Smith
Sam grew up in Buckinghamshire, falling off various bicycles before reading books and making up his own stories about more competent heroes. After studying English at Cambridge University, he joined Usborne in 2013, and now writes titles ranging from fold-out solar systems to maze books full of swashbuckling pirates. Sometimes, Sam cycles to work.

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Planet Earth Mazes