Lots of Travel Puzzles and Games

Phillip Clarke, Simon Tudhope and Kate Nolan

Age: 6+


Series: Lots Of

Lots of Travel Puzzles and Games

By: Phillip Clarke, Simon Tudhope, Kate Nolan

Illustrated by Various

Series : Lots Of

Age 6+

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With over 100 pages of travel-themed activities, this brightly illustrated book is perfect for children to take on holidays and journeys. There are all kinds of fun puzzles, from wordsearches and mazes, to spot the difference and Sudoku, as well as pencil-and-paper games for one or two players - bingo, boxes, noughts and crosses, and more.
128 pages
240 x 170mm
Paperback ISBN:
Key Stage:
KS1, KS2
Publication Date:
July 2024
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Phillip Clarke
Phil Clarke grew up in the Cotswolds, and joined Usborne in 1999. He's written far more than he can rightly recall about such things as trees, stars, rocks, sharks, unicorns and dinosaurs, and crafted many puzzles. He lives with his family in the Midlands, and spends his spare minutes sleeping.

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Simon Tudhope
Before joining Usborne, Simon worked in Moscow as sports editor for a local paper. These days he writes about things that aren't actually real, but are very important nevertheless. Mysteries and monsters and impossible quests in faraway realms that you won't find on any map. All the sort of stuff he loved as a child, basically. (And still does.)

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Kate Nolan
Kate grew up in the Cotswolds and now lives in the West Midlands, where she worked as a primary school teacher before joining Usborne in 2019. Since then, she has worked on books on all sorts of topics, from airports and trucks to unicorns and butterflies.

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Lots of Travel Puzzles and Games