Look Inside What We Throw Away

Rose Hall

Age: 5+


Series: Look Inside

Look Inside What We Throw Away

By: Rose Hall

Illustrated by Sandra de la Prada

Series : Look Inside

Age 5+

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Lift the flaps to see how lots of things we throw away don't really belong in the bin. Find out how rubbish can damage our planet. Then step into a repair cafe and a zero waste shop to discover inspiring ways to produce much less waste.

14 pages
214.9 x 201.7mm
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May 2022
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Rose Hall
Rose grew up in Northumberland, studied Physiology at Oxford and looked after orphaned orangutans for a bit. She worked in the charity sector for ten years, writing about issues from renewable energy, to the safety of workers in Bangladesh. For Usborne, she's written books about engineering, business, computers and the environment.

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Look Inside What We Throw Away