Look inside a Coral Reef

Minna Lacey

Age: 5+


Series: Look Inside

Look inside a Coral Reef

By: Minna Lacey

Illustrated by Samuel Brewster

Series : Look Inside

Age 5+

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Open the flaps and peer among spectacular coral shapes to see a magical world of sea creatures living in a reef. From turtles, fish and sharks to octopus, sponges and sea horses. Find out what coral is and how a reef forms, and discover the threat to all coral reefs from warming oceans and pollution.
14 pages
215.4 x 200mm
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June 2022
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Minna Lacey
Since joining Usborne, Minna has written books on everything from pirates and gladiators to jungles and oceans. She studied Maths and Philosophy at university and previously worked as a journalist and illustrator in London, Bogota and New York. In her spare time, she loves writing stories, drawing and playing the guitar.

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Look inside a Coral Reef