I'm Feeling (a Little Bit) Shy

Anna Milbourne

Age: 3+


Series: I'm Not Very

I'm Feeling (a Little Bit) Shy

By: Anna Milbourne

Illustrated by Asa Gilland

Series : I'm Not Very

Age 3+

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This little girl sometimes finds it very hard to say hello. She struggles going into groups or parties and is very scared of starting a new school. However, when she shares her feelings, she learns that everyone feels shy sometimes - even her exuberant big brother! Shyness is just a feeling that will pass. This realization enables her to begin to find her own way to deal with new situations. She can just watch and listen until she is ready to join in. And nervous butterflies she feels on her first day? They help her pay attention - and notice children who might become wonderful new friends! The believable characters, busy scenes and ingenious holes in the pages make this a helpful, heartwarming story that young children can relate to. It's a perfect book to help children cope with feeling shy.
24 pages
296 x 235mm
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October 2023
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Anna Milbourne
Growing up on the Wirral and in Germany, Anna wrote plays about talking animals, and stories about naughty children, and drew on every available surface. After school, she did an Art Foundation course, then a degree in German Literature and Philosophy at Oxford University. In 1998 she found her perfect job at Usborne in London, writing about everything from curious penguins to trips to the Moon.

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This resource pack focuses upon recognizing and understanding feelings and can be used with children from EYFS through to KS2.

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I'm Feeling (a Little Bit) Shy