Fairy Unicorns The Treasure Quest

Susanna Davidson

Age: 6+


Series: Young Reading Series 3 Fiction

Fairy Unicorns The Treasure Quest

By: Susanna Davidson

Illustrated by Nuno Alexandre Vieira

Series : Young Reading Series 3 Fiction, Fairy Unicorns

Age 6+

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Zoe and Astra, the fairy unicorn, are on a quest to find the Silver Chalice. According to unicorn legend, the chalice is able to show the future. But first they must complete the Treasure Maze, three rooms, full of riddles and mazes, and all before the hourglass runs out...
112 pages
201.6 x 140.8mm
Hardback ISBN:
Key Stage:
KS1, KS2
Publication Date:
April 2022
Work Reference:
Susanna Davidson
Susanna writes fiction and non-fiction for Usborne. Her favourite things to write about are small monsters and talking animals. She used to live in London but now lives in a cottage on the edge of some woods. She is only sorry there are no bears or witches in them.

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Nuno Alexandre Vieira

Nuno Alexandre Vieira is an illustrator based in Portugal. He loves to work with traditional media (oils, watercolour, acrylics, Indian ink), digital or a mix between the two of them. He especially loves to create characters and imagine worlds for them. Fairy tales, magic and adventure are his favourite subjects to illustrate.

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Fairy Unicorns The Treasure Quest