Lucy Bowman

Age: 4+


Series: Beginners


By: Lucy Bowman

Illustrated by Adam Stower

Series : Beginners

Age 4+

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What's it like to live and work in icy Antarctica? How do Emperor penguins raise their chicks on the ice? What is an iceberg? Who was the first to reach the South Pole? This book has all the answers and much more, along with photographs, step-by-step illustrations, simple text and links to websites with video clips and activities.
32 pages
210 x 156mm
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Accelerated Reader Book Level:
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Lower years (LY)
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Publication Date:
June 2007
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1 Down South

2 A land of ice

3 Icebergs ahead!

4 Life on the ice

5 Keeping warm

6 Crossing the ice

7 Under the sea

8 Pick of the penguins

9 Blubbery beasts

10 Giants of the deep

11 Soaring seabirds

12 Race for the Pole

13 Antarctic adventure

14 Good guests

15 Glossary

16 Usborne Quicklinks

17 Index

Lucy Bowman
Lucy Bowman grew up in a village in Cheshire, where she spent her time having adventures outdoors or reading about them in books. She completed a degree in American Studies and joined Usborne to write books on all kinds of topics, from Antarctica to space to games and puzzles.

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Tremendous visual appeal of a quality that is unmatched by other early reading series. No Key Stage 1 classroom should be without the whole set.

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