24 Hours in the Jungle

Lan Cook

Age: 7+


Series: 24 Hours In...

24 Hours in the Jungle

By: Lan Cook

Illustrated by Anastasia Thomas

Series : 24 Hours In...

Age 7+

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Join a brother and sister in Borneo as they help their mother and other scientists with their work in the jungle, and encounter orangutans, a very stinky flower and a clouded leopard. Find out what makes the jungle and the wildlife that lives there so special, and learn about the work being done to protect it.
64 pages
257 x 192mm
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Publication Date:
March 2022
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1 Waking up

2 Breakfast time

3 Around camp

4 To the boat and up the river

5 Into the jungle

6 Field notes: Biodiversity

7 Camera traps

8 Jungle bloodsuckers

9 A stinky surprise

10 Mist nets

11 Field notes: Birds

12 Cleo's entomology lab

13 Field notes: Bugs and insects

14 A ticklish plant

15 Caught on camera

16 Back to jungle

17 Dinner time

18 The jungle at night

19 An early start

20 Glossary

21 Index

Lan Cook
Lan joined Usborne after working as a bookseller. She absolutely loves learning about anything and everything. She has lived in China, attempted to create the perfect aquarium biotope, studied Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Cambridge University, and can hit an archery target from 100 feet away. Lan has always loved collecting knowledge and as many weird facts as possible, so working for Usborne really is a dream job!

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24 Hours in the Jungle