24 Hours in a Zoo

Lan Cook

Age: 7+


Series: 24 Hours In...

24 Hours in a Zoo

By: Lan Cook

Illustrated by Anastasia Thomas

Series : 24 Hours In...

Age 7+

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Tai is mad about animals and dreams of becoming a zookeeper when he grows up. Today is his chance to access all areas and explore what goes on behind the scenes at a zoo for the day. In this story you'll discover what it's like to handle a giant snake, how the zoo prepares for the arrival of a new animal and what happens when an animal goes missing. See some cutting-edge science in action, and find out how zoos work to protect endangered species, and what they do with all that dung.
Written in collaboration with experts at Chester Zoo.

64 pages
257 x 192mm
Hardback ISBN:
Publication Date:
June 2023
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Lan Cook
Lan joined Usborne after working as a bookseller. She absolutely loves learning about anything and everything. She has lived in China, attempted to create the perfect aquarium biotope, studied Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Cambridge University, and can hit an archery target from 100 feet away. Lan has always loved collecting knowledge and as many weird facts as possible, so working for Usborne really is a dream job!

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24 Hours in a Zoo