Oliver Moon and the Spider Spell

Sue Mongredien

Age: 7+


Series: Oliver Moon

Oliver Moon and the Spider Spell

By: Sue Mongredien

Illustrated by Jan McCafferty

Series : Oliver Moon

Age 7+

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Oliver's mum has caught green flu, so Oliver is in charge of the housework. There's a lot to do - recharging the wands, washing the cloaks, not to mention looking after the Witch Baby and her pet spider! Everything is okay until Oliver tries a Grow-bigger spell on the cauldron. Then he finds himself in very BIG trouble indeed...

Look out for more magical mayhem with Oliver Moon, Junior Wizard!

96 pages
198 x 130mm
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Lower years (LY)
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Publication Date:
July 2008
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Sue Mongredien

Sue Mongredien read English at Leeds University. After graduating, Sue worked as an editor of children's books before leaving to travel around the world. She now lives in Brighton with her partner and three children and is a full-time writer. She has had over 100 books published.

Visit www.suemongredien.co.uk/ to find out more.

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Guaranteed to keep young children enthralled.

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More magical mayhem from the junior wizard who is always getting himself into big trouble. Here it is no exception for when he tries a Grow-bigger spell on the cauldron he finds himself in very BIG trouble indeed. Great fun reading interspersed with wonderfully humorous illustrations make this ideal for a young child to transfer from reading picture books to books with chapters.

Love reading 4 kids

Packed full of gruesome detail and great fun this is the latest exciting instalment in the Oliver Moon series. This book is a great light-hearted and fun read, perfect for those children who are too young for Harry Potter but who want to immerse themselves in the world of magic and wizardry. At the same time the subtle messages teach important lessons and the illustrations make it ideally suited for children from age 5-8 to enjoy reading.

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Oliver Moon and the Spider Spell