Miss Molly's School of Kindness

Susanna Davidson

Age: 3+


Series: Miss Molly

Miss Molly's School of Kindness

By: Susanna Davidson

Illustrated by Rosie Reeve

Series : Miss Molly

Age 3+

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At Miss Molly's School of Kindness, three naughty fox cubs find out how to be kind to others, kind to themselves, and the importance of being kind to the planet. A perfect way to start conversations with children about kindness, with humour, a fun story, and a cast of lively animal characters.
32 pages
253.7 x 231mm
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January 2021
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Susanna Davidson
Susanna writes fiction and non-fiction for Usborne. Her favourite things to write about are small monsters and talking animals. She used to live in London but now lives in a cottage on the edge of some woods. She is only sorry there are no bears or witches in them.

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Rosie Reeve

Rosie studied fine art at the Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford University. After having three children she became an illustrator in around 2001. It's the best job, ever.

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Miss Molly's School of Kindness