First Numbers Book

Matthew Oldham and Mary Cartwright

Age: 2+


Series: First Concepts

First Numbers Book

By: Matthew Oldham, Mary Cartwright

Illustrated by Elisa Ferro

Series : First Concepts

Age 2+

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This cute numbers book is filled with all sorts of things to count, from umbrellas and balloons, to cycling bunnies and hat-wearing dinosaurs. New numbers are introduced with playful illustrations of everyday - and not-so-everyday - objects that grownups and little people can talk about, as they count from 1-10 together.
24 pages
221 x 198mm
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May 2021
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Matthew Oldham
Matthew writes books for Usborne about all sorts of subjects, including history, science and Planet Earth. Before he did this, he studied English at university and worked for the BBC where he made funny radio programmes. In his spare time he likes to ride his bike, visit all kinds of museums and read on his sofa as much as possible.

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First Numbers Book