24 Hours in Space

Rob Lloyd Jones

Age: 7+


Series: 24 Hours In...

24 Hours in Space

By: Rob Lloyd Jones

Illustrated by Laurent Kling

Series : 24 Hours In...

Age 7+

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Join an astronaut for a day as she goes on her first ever spacewalk, and new crew members arrive. Find out how she trained for her mission and what it's like living and working in space. How do you eat and drink at zero gravity? How do space toilets work? What are space suits designed for?
64 pages
256.8 x 195.9mm
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April 2022
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1 A new day

2 Getting used to Zero-G

3 Meet the crew...

4 ...and Mission Control

5 Space food

6 How do astronauts reach the ISS?

7 New crew members arrive

8 A tour of the space station

9 Astronaut training diary

10 Using the toilet in space

11 Science experiments

12 A visit to the gym

13 Getting set for a spacewalk

14 Spacesuits

15 Out on a spacewalk!

16 Time to relax

17 Time for bed

18 Space station questions

19 Glossary

20 Index

Rob Lloyd Jones
Rob studied Egyptology at university, but never thought he'd do much with it. Since joining Usborne in 2005, he's written loads of books about Ancient Egypt, and on topics ranging from space to the story of Islam. He is also the author of several award-winning historical adventure novels, and a hopeless cook.

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Laurent Kling

Laurent Kling started his career as an illustrator in the 2000s. He works mainly for young people, where he is called upon to make historic or scientific subjects more fun, and his clients have included Bayard, Fleurus, Milan and Larousse Actes Sud. He has also had comic books published in Canada by Editions de la Pastèque.

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24 Hours in Space