What Do Astronauts Do?

Rob Lloyd Jones and Victoria Williams

Age: 9+

RRP  £9.99

Series: Jobs People Do

What Do Astronauts Do?

By: Rob Lloyd Jones, Victoria Williams

Illustrated by Adam Allsuch Boardman, Geraldine Sy

Series : Jobs People Do

Age 9+

RRP  £9.99

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Explore different careers as you blast off into space with a crew of astronauts. Find out about their incredible jobs and the work of the huge teams who support them, from medics to technicians. Discover how astronauts are chosen and trained for space missions, what it's like in space, and what they do once they return to Earth - as well as the work of Mission Control and those on the ground. With missions planned to the Moon, Mars and beyond, this is a timely and fascinating read.
80 pages
282 x 222mm
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June 2024
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Rob Lloyd Jones
Rob studied Egyptology at university, but never thought he'd do much with it. Since joining Usborne in 2005, he's written loads of books about Ancient Egypt, and on topics ranging from space to the story of Islam. He is also the author of several award-winning historical adventure novels, and a hopeless cook.

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Victoria Williams
Victoria (Vicky to almost everyone) has degrees in Evolutionary Biology and Science Communication, and loves writing about the weird and wonderful world. When she's not writing or reading, you'll probably find her walking, dancing, gaming, watching wildlife or baking a cake.

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What Do Astronauts Do?
RRP  £9.99