Think Green Activity Book

Lizzie Cope and Micaela Tapsell

Age: 6+

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Series: Activity Book

Think Green Activity Book

By: Lizzie Cope, Micaela Tapsell

Illustrated by Petra Baan, Hannah Abbo, Aviel Basil, Bethan Woollvin

Series : Activity Book

Age 6+

RRP  £6.99

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The activities, puzzles and experiments in this book will show children how people can help the planet. Follow pigeons as they measure air pollution over London. Investigate how far the food in your cupboards actually travels. Look out for wildlife and count all the pollinators that live near you. Come up with a design for your own super green vehicle. Imagine what it would be like if you worked as a marine biologist on a coral reef. Hunt out any energy vampires lurking in your home. And discover the amazing way that plants and soil trap carbon.
48 pages
276 x 216mm
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April 2024
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Lizzie Cope
Lizzie grew up in Wiltshire, not far from Stonehenge - she has this to thank for her love of nature, legends and World Heritage sites. Now she lives in London, where she's written books about giraffes, oceans and plastic, and thought up lots of ideas for puzzles and activities, too.

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Micaela Tapsell
Originally from Zimbabwe, Micaela has always enjoyed learning about different cultures and exploring the great outdoors. When she's not rafting the rapids of the Zambezi river or camping among the African wildlife, she is writing books on all sorts of delightful subjects, from science's greatest unknowns to the wildflowers of the world.

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Think Green Activity Book
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