Leonie Pratt

Age: 4+


Series: Beginners


By: Leonie Pratt

Illustrated by Emmanuel Cerisier

Series : Beginners

Age 4+

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Which unusual animals live in China? Who built the Great Wall of China - and why? What is the longest river in China? How are Chinese words written? This well-researched book answers these questions, and more, with fascinating facts, step-by-step illustrations, vivid photographs and links to websites with more information, activities and video clips.

32 pages
210 x 156mm
Hardback ISBN:
Accelerated Reader Book Level:
Accelerated Reader Interest Level:
Lower years (LY)
Book Band:
Key Stage:
Publication Date:
May 2008
Work Reference:

1 Old and new

2 Big country

3 Emperors rule

4 Keep out!

5 Chinese art

6 By land and by sea

7 Life goes on...

8 Change in China

9 City life

10 Food for families

11 Beautiful words

12 Chinese New Year

13 Buddism

14 Living in the wild

15 Glossary

16 Usborne Quicklinks

17 Index

Leonie Pratt
Non Pratt started her career writing non-fiction activity books at Usborne, before becoming an editor of children's fiction, and a writer of books for teen-minded humans. She encourages you to listen to more pop punk music, please.

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This is one book from Usborne's 'Beginners' series, which is intended to support young readers who are beginning to read on their own. A clear bold font is used, sentence structure is uncomplicated and full colour illustration throughout. Topics covered include Chinese art, Chinese history, The Great Wall, the Terracotta Army, Buddhism, Chinese writing and food. The book is organised in chapters with structural guiders and, glossary, contents and index. A framework for the Usborne reading programme can be downloaded from the Usborne website

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