The World Wars

Ruth Brocklehurst, Paul Dowswell and Henry Brook

Age: 8+


The World Wars

Age 8+

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An accessible and thought-provoking introduction to the First World War and the Second World War, stunningly illustrated with dramatic contemporary photographs, paintings, posters and maps. This beautifully presented hardback book tells the story of both conflicts, from the trenches of the First World War to the battles and Blitz of World War Two.

Please note this title is a combined volume containing Introduction to the First World War and Introduction to the Second World War.

256 pages
8.8 x 11.2in
Hardback (direct sales) ISBN:
Publication Date:
August 2016
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Ruth Brocklehurst
When she wasn't riding her bike or making things out of loo rolls and scraps of fabric, Ruth spent her childhood reading about detectives and historical figures. She has written and edited countless books for Usborne - some about detectives and historical figures; some about dinosaurs, scientists and astronauts.

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The World Wars