Wipe-Clean Starting Cursive

Caroline Young

Age: 3+


Series: Wipe-Clean

Wipe-Clean Starting Cursive

By: Caroline Young

Illustrated by Gareth Williams

Series : Wipe-Clean

Age 3+


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With wipe-clean pages for endless practice, this book is a perfect way for children to begin to learn joined up handwriting. Friendly monsters show how to write each letter to make it easier to join up and there are dotted letters and words to draw over with the wipe-clean pen. There’s even a short story to complete in your best handwriting.
24 pages
8.5 x 10.9in
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September 2018
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Caroline Young
Caroline read English at Cambridge University and taught English in Greece and the UK before joining Usborne as a writer and editor. She has written books about a huge variety of subjects, for all ages, and believes it's one of the best jobs in the world. Caroline lives and works on Anglesey in North Wales.

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Wipe-Clean Starting Cursive