Wipe-Clean Beginning Pen Control

Sam Smith

Age: 3+


Series: Wipe-Clean

Wipe-Clean Beginning Pen Control

By: Sam Smith

Illustrated by Stacey Lamb

Series : Wipe-Clean

Age 3+


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A wipe-clean book of fun activities to help preschool children practice their pen control – essential for learning to write. Children can trace over the dots on each page to draw a castle stronghold, add cheeky monkeys’ tales to a jungle scene or complete a frosty snowman. Perfect for children who are about to start school, who are expected to be able to hold a pen and write their own name before they do so. The wipe-clean pages and special pen enable children to return to their favorite pages again and again.
24 pages
8.5 x 10.9in
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Publication Date:
July 2015
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Sam Smith
Sam grew up in Buckinghamshire, falling off various bicycles before reading books and making up his own stories about more competent heroes. After studying English at Cambridge University, he joined Usborne in 2013, and now writes titles ranging from fold-out solar systems to maze books full of swashbuckling pirates. Sometimes, Sam cycles to work.

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Wipe-Clean Beginning Pen Control