Timelines of World History

Jane Chisholm

Age: 9+


Timelines of World History

By: Jane Chisholm

Illustrated by Various

Age 9+

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A gorgeously illustrated guide to the history of the world, from wars and revolutions to ground-breaking inventions, discoveries and artistic movements. With over 3,500 key dates from the Stone Age to the year 2000, organised geographically so readers can compare what was happening in different parts of the world.
128 pages
9.6 x 12.3in
Hardback (direct sales) ISBN:
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April 2016
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Jane Chisholm
As Editorial Director, Jane oversees books about absolutely everything. She grew up in Moscow, Singapore, and in a forest in Sussex, building treehouses and pretending to be one of the Famous Five. Before university she was a social worker in Botswana and camped under the stars in the Kalahari Desert.

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SLA Information Book Award 2017

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Timelines of World History