The Boy Who cried Wolf

Mairi Mackinnon

Age: 5+


Series: Read with Usborne

The Boy Who cried Wolf

By: Mairi Mackinnon

Illustrated by Carl Gordon, Mike Gordon

Series : Read with Usborne

Age 5+


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Every day, Sam takes the same old sheep up the same old mountain. What can he do to make life more exciting?
48 pages
6.0 x 9.0in
Paperback (direct sales) ISBN:
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July 2017
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Mairi Mackinnon
Mairi Mackinnon has lived in England, Scotland, France, Italy and Spain, and worked as a teacher, translator and tour manager before joining Usborne. Over the years she has written and edited Usborne books in sixteen languages, from Arabic to Welsh. She lives in a house full of teenagers, books and curious musical instruments.

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The Boy Who cried Wolf