Never Get Bored Draw and Paint

James Maclaine, Sarah Hull, Lara Bryan and Jordan Akpojaro

Age: 6+


Series: Never Get Bored

Never Get Bored Draw and Paint

By: James Maclaine, Sarah Hull, Lara Bryan, Jordan Akpojaro

Illustrated by Various

Series : Never Get Bored

Age 6+


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Discover how to doodle a sloth, turn pencil shavings into pictures and draw in ways you never imagined. Then try printing, spattering paints and painting with dots. There are ideas for portraits, patterns, optical illusions and more, so you’ll soon have enough artworks for your own exhibition — and this book will show you how to stage one too.
96 pages
7.7 x 9.4in
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January 2021
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James Maclaine
James Maclaine has written books about meerkats, general knowledge and manners, come up with countless drawing, doodling and colouring ideas, and devised puzzles and things to do for a range of activity books. His Junior Illustrated Thesaurus is the book that he wishes he'd had as a child.

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Sarah Hull
Sarah grew up in London, then studied German and Fine Art in Oxford and Hamburg. She joined Usborne after working at Profile Books and Thames and Hudson, and now spends her time writing about art, investigating germs and devising ways for children to stave off boredom - all the important things, basically.

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Lara Bryan
Lara has loved books since the days of being read bedtime stories by her Irish dad and French mum. At school she set up a secondhand bookshop called Books Change Lives, and went on to study English and Italian at Oxford University. After teaching in Italy and Myanmar, she got her dream job as a writer for Usborne Publishing. From explaining how economics works, to inventing boredom-busting activities, to telling a good dragon yarn, she's enjoyed every minute of the job.

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Jordan Akpojaro
After he completed childhood, Jordan spent time at Glasgow University studying philosophy, getting rained on and dreaming about eating freshly picked fruit. He has worked on books about philosophy, coding, maps and art.

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Never Get Bored Draw and Paint