My Very First Outdoor Book

Abigail Wheatley and Minna Lacey

Age: 3+


Series: My First Books

My Very First Outdoor Book

By: Abigail Wheatley, Minna Lacey

Illustrated by Jane Newland

Series : My First Books, My Very First

Age 3+


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Discover lots of interesting things to see and do outdoors in this lovely book for grown-ups and children to share. Learn about beachcombing, animal tracking and stargazing, meet lots of birds, bugs and plants, and find advice for children on how to take care when they’re out and about. With website links for even more outdoor activities.
30 pages
8.8 x 10.1in
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July 2019
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Abigail Wheatley
Growing up in Australia and the UK, Abigail often found herself covered in paint or flour, or lost in a book. After a BA in English and a PhD on Medieval Castles, she combined her interests writing Usborne children's books - from cookery, craft and castles to science and unicorns.

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Minna Lacey
Since joining Usborne, Minna has written books on everything from pirates and gladiators to jungles and oceans. She studied Maths and Philosophy at university and previously worked as a journalist and illustrator in London, Bogota and New York. In her spare time, she loves writing stories, drawing and playing the guitar.

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