Look Inside How Computers Work

Alex Frith

Age: 5+


Series: Look Inside

Look Inside How Computers Work

Alex Frith

Illustrated by Colin King

Age 5+


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About this book
Just what goes on behind the screen, beneath the keyboard and inside the electronic ‘brain’ of a computer? This colorful book has 70 flaps to lift to uncover what happens when a computer is switched on, how coding works and the story of the first computers. A fun and informative introduction to a key UK curriculum topic.

About this book

14 pages
7.8 x 8.8in
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Alex Frith
Alex Frith has been writing Usborne books since 2005. His diverse output covers such titles as 'See inside Your Head', 'Stories of Thor' and 'Politics for Beginners'. He has spoken at multiple festivals about his book '100 Things to Know About Space'. Alex can be found in London.

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Colourful, fun and very informative.

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This book will help anyone understand how computers work... The information is presented clearly and in such a fun and interactive way that children will hardly notice how much they’re learning.


The book is packed full of educational information to engage your child, from the history of computers through to how computers work and basic coding... a brilliantly written and presented educational resource, with endless facts to stimulate older as well as younger minds.


This is a colourful and detailed introduction to an increasingly hot topic in the world today... not only a fab book for young budding tech fans, it'll also come in very handy with any ICT homework.


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Look Inside How Computers Work