Little Lost Deer

Susanna Davidson

Age: 5+


Series: Sticker Dolly Stories

Little Lost Deer

By: Susanna Davidson

Illustrated by Katie Wood

Series : Sticker Dolly Stories

Age 5+


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An exciting chapter book series inspired by Sticker Dolly Dressing, perfect for fans of Rainbow Magic and Holly Webb. Each book comes with a page of stickers to dress the Dolls.

The Animal Rescue Dolls are hard at work at the Animal Sanctuary when they receive a mission call - a baby deer has gone missing after a forest fire. Can the Dolls try and find her? After a trip to Madame Coco's for their outfits, the Rescue Dolls set out on their mission. But night is falling and a lynx is on the prowl...

Collect all the books in the Sticker Dolly Stories series!
1. Unicorn Rescue (A Magic Dolls Story)
2. Fairy Picnic (A Magic Dolls Story)
3. Mermaid in Trouble (A Magic Dolls Story)
4. Baby Dragon (A Magic Dolls Story)
5. Castle in the Clouds (A Princess Dolls Story)
6. Ice Palace (A Princess Dolls Story)
7. Woodland Princess (A Princess Dolls Story)
8. Waterlily Ball (A Princess Dolls Story)
9. Dream Pony (An Animal Rescue Dolls Story)
10. Lucky Bunnies (An Animal Rescue Dolls Story)
11. Little Lost Deer (An Animal Rescue Dolls Story)
12. Snow Puppy (An Animal Rescue Dolls Story) COMING SOON!
And look out for the Summer and Christmas specials:
Dolphin Magic (A Summer special) COMING SOON!
Christmas Mystery (A Christmas special)

128 pages
Additional details:
1 page of stickers
5.1 x 7.8in
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Publication Date:
July 2022
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Susanna Davidson
Susanna writes fiction and non-fiction for Usborne. Her favourite things to write about are small monsters and talking animals. She used to live in London but now lives in a cottage on the edge of some woods. She is only sorry there are no bears or witches in them.

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Little Lost Deer