Lift the Flap How Your Body Works

Rosie Dickins

Age: 6+


Series: Lift-the-flap

Lift the Flap How Your Body Works

By: Rosie Dickins

Illustrated by Oceane Meklemberg

Series : Lift-the-flap

Age 6+

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Lift the flaps to uncover the amazing inner workings of your very own body – from your bones, blood and brain to the bacteria in your belly button. Discover what happens when you eat, how your senses work, what your heart and lungs do and lots more fascinating facts. With links to specially selected websites for activities and videos about the human body.
16 pages
8.7 x 11.1in
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April 2019
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Rosie Dickins
Rosie Dickins grew up in England and Hong Kong. An avid reader, she always loved dreaming up her own stories. After studying literature at Oxford University, art in Paris and plenty of travelling, she settled in London, where she works for Usborne Publishing. She has written over a hundred children's books, from award-winning information books to fiction.

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Lift the Flap How Your Body Works