General Knowledge Crosswords

Phillip Clarke

Age: 6+


Series: Puzzles, Crosswords and Wordsearches

General Knowledge Crosswords

By: Phillip Clarke

Illustrated by Pope Twins

Series : Puzzles, Crosswords and Wordsearches

Age 6+


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Put children’s general knowledge and word power to the test with this pocket-sized paperback, containing over 100 crosswords. The crosswords start simple and gradually get harder throughout the book, testing children’s knowledge as their crossword skills improve. Answers are listed at the back of the book.
112 pages
5.4 x 7.9in
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January 2017
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Phillip Clarke
Phil Clarke grew up in the Cotswolds, and joined Usborne in 1999. He's written far more than he can rightly recall about such things as trees, stars, rocks, sharks, unicorns and dinosaurs, and crafted many puzzles. He lives with his family in the Midlands, and spends his spare minutes sleeping.

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General Knowledge Crosswords