Dinosaur Timeline Book and Jigsaw

Rachel Firth

Age: 7+


Series: Usborne Book and Jigsaw

Dinosaur Timeline Book and Jigsaw

Age 7+

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Discover the amazing age of dinosaurs with this 300-piece jigsaw and fold-out dinosaur timeline. A sturdy gift box contains a stylishly-illustrated jigsaw showing a selection of dinosaurs - all with their names and when they lived. The richly detailed, fold-out timeline charts dinosaurs from the Triassic to the Cretaceous period. On the reverse, the dinosaurs are shown with more information about where each one lived, how big they were, what they ate and other fascinating facts.
16 pages
8.4 x 12.1in
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January 2021
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Rachel Firth
Rachel spent 11 years studying and teaching philosophy at the universities of London and Oxford before joining Usborne. Since then she has written books on subjects ranging from knights, to food, to philosophy, as well as retelling folk stories, and writing children's versions of numerous novels.

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Dinosaur Timeline Book and Jigsaw