Anna Milbourne

Age: 2+


Series: Little Board Books


By: Anna Milbourne

Illustrated by Patrick Corrigan

Series : Little Board Books

Age 2+


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Little Tiger is trying to choose a favorite color. He looks at yellow sunflowers, red strawberries, the wavy blue sea, the pink icing on a Birthday cake... and he loves them all! In the end he just can't choose and decides that rainbows are his favorite thing because they are LOTS of colors. This very sweet, simple story will help very little children learn their colors, and have lots of fun trying to choose a favorite color too.
20 pages
5.7 x 5.7in
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July 2022
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Anna Milbourne
Growing up on the Wirral and in Germany, Anna wrote plays about talking animals, and stories about naughty children, and drew on every available surface. After school, she did an Art Foundation course, then a degree in German Literature & Philosophy at Oxford University. In 1998 she found her perfect job at Usborne in London, writing about everything from curious penguins to trips to the Moon.

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