Christmas Puzzle Pad

Simon Tudhope

Age: 6+


Series: Puzzle Pads

Christmas Puzzle Pad

By: Simon Tudhope

Illustrated by Various

Series : Puzzle Pads

Age 6+


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Stuffed with snowmen, reindeer, mistletoe and more, this exciting activity book contains over 100 puzzles to keep children busy during the lead up to Christmas. Puzzles include a Christmas present wordsearch, an ice palace maze, a festive quiz and much more. All the answers are at the back of the book.
150 pages
10.0 x 7.7in
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October 2017
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Simon Tudhope
Before joining Usborne, Simon worked in Moscow as sports editor for a local paper. These days he writes about things that aren't actually real, but are very important nevertheless. Mysteries and monsters and impossible quests in faraway realms that you won't find on any map. All the sort of stuff he loved as a child, basically. (And still does.)

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Christmas Puzzle Pad