Alphabet Matching Games and Book

Kate Nolan

Age: 3+


Series: Matching Games

Alphabet Matching Games and Book

By: Kate Nolan

Illustrated by Jayne Schofield

Series : Matching Games

Age 3+


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With 4 bingo boards, 36 picture cards and a book, these delightful games are an ideal way for little children to have fun as they begin to learn the alphabet and make links between letters and sounds. The book introduces the letters of the alphabet, and includes instructions for two different memory games (suitable for 2-5 players) that can be played with the boards and cards.
24 pages
7.5 x 7.5in
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January 2022
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Kate Nolan
Kate grew up in the Cotswolds and now lives in the West Midlands, where she worked as a primary school teacher before joining Usborne in 2019. Since then, she has worked on books on all sorts of topics, from airports and trucks to unicorns and butterflies.

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