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Colouring, puzzles and more

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Swinging London

Colour-in the outfits to make these ladies the most stylish in London!

Swinging London

Find more funky minidresses, flamboyant flares and trendy accessories to colour in 1960s Fashion to Colour.

Little lime cheesecakes

These moist, tangy little cakes are easy to make and softer and creamier than baked cheesecake.

little lime cheesecakes

Children can make chocolate fondue, fajitas, sushi, French toast and lots more in the Sleepover Cookbook

Monster shapes

Turn these colourful shapes into little monsters!

Monster shapes

Drawing, Doodling and Colouring is jam-packed with activities to colour-in and doodle across the whole page. 

Chess openings

The first few moves in a chess game are extremely important. Can you see which move White should do to put Black in checkmate?

Chess openings

There are more brain-teasing puzzles, useful facts and clever tips that show how to play chess and improve your game in The Usborne Chess Book.

Doodle frog from Usborne doodle books

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