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Puzzles and activities

Here are some free puzzles and activities from Usborne books. Check back regularly for new activities or sign up to our newsletter for more free activities.

Little lime cheesecakes

These little cheesecakes contain a zesty lime kick and make a great sleepover snack.

Little lime cheesecakes

There are lots more delicious snacks for children to make in the Sleepover Cookbook (£9.99).

Sinking diver experiment

See how a diver floats or sinks in water with this air pressure experiment.

Sinking diver activity sheet

Carry out lots more fascinating science experiments in 50 Science Things to Make and Do (£5.99).

Picture gallery challenge

Can you spot which of the painting close-ups wasn't taken at the picture gallery?

Rainy Day activity sheet

Find lots more riddles, mazes, dot-to-dots and other puzzles to keep boredom away in the Rainy Day Pocket Puzzle Book (£5.99).

Make a pop-up monster card

Make a scary pop-up monster card, with lots of sharp teeth!

Pop-up monster cards

Keep little monsters busy with finger puppets, wobbly monsters and more in Monster Things to Make and Do (£4.99).

More activities

For more activities to keep children entertained on holiday, on journeys, or any time, see Usborne activity books and sign up to our newsletter.

Doodle frog from Usborne doodle books