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A visit to an art gallery

Pop on your beret, pull out your paper, pencils and paint and download our art gallery activity sheets, then visit Usborne Quicklinks for a virtual visit to see Leonardo's Mona Lisa, van Gogh's Starry Night and much more.

Art gallery activity sheets

Here's some activities to do on your visit to the gallery.

artists studio

Artists studio

This master artist needs an apprentice, can you help the artist in the studio?

visit a virtual sculpture park

Sculpture park

Take a virtual wander around a sculpture park.  Can you guess the names of the artworks?

colour in monets garden

Monet's garden

Colour Monet's garden and his lovely lily pond with some smudgy greens and blues.

tree of life

Golden branches

Can you add more branches to the tree of life and fill it with patterns like Gustav Klimt?

modern art gallery

Modern art gallery

Can you be bold with shapes and colours? Finish these modern art paintings.

van goghs sunflower

Beautiful blooms

Van Gogh painted yellow sunflowers, can you fill this field with big beautiful blooms?

making paints wordsearch

Making paints

Artists used to make their own paints. Can you find the ingredients they need in this wordsearch?

make your own portrait gallery

Make your own portrait gallery

Here are lots of frames for you to fill with portraits, will you draw, paint or collage?

These activities were taken from the Usborne Art Activities Book and the Art Activities Pad, produced in association with The National Gallery

Go online and see inside a real art gallery with Usborne Quicklinks

At Usborne Quicklinks we provided links to art galleries around the world where you can zoom in on famous paintings and discover the stories behind them.

Parents - please note - children should be supervised online. Usborne is not responsible for the content of external websites. Please read the safety guidelines displayed at Usborne Quicklinks

Visit usborne quicklinks

Discover Leonardo's Mona Lisa, count the stars in van Gogh's Starry Night, take a walk in a sculpture garden and more via Usborne Quicklinks.