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A day out in London

Are you ready for a day out in London? It's time to see the sights with these exciting activity sheets! Visit the Globe to see a performance of Romeo and Juliet, stop by London Zoo to look at all of the animals, and take in some culture at London's art galleries.

Don't forget to take a detour on your journey to Usborne Quicklinks for a virtual tour of the city and sneak peak inside Buckingham Palace. And a picnic would be fun too!

City Puzzlers

London puzzles

Complete the dot-to-dot to reveal a famous bridge over the River Thames, encounter some puzzling pigeons, and solve a camera conundrum. 

The Golden Hinde

The Golden Hinde

Over 400 years ago, Sir Francis Drake was the first person to sail all around the world. You can visit a replica of his ship in London. 

Art Galleries

Art gallery puzzles

London has lots of famous art galleries, including the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery. Here's some art gallery activities to try.

The Globe Theatre

The Globe

The Globe is a replica of the theatre where Shakespeare's plays were performed. Here's a scene from his play Romeo and Juliet to colour in.

London Zoo

London Zoo

Take a trip to London Zoo and find lots of puzzles to solve in this animal-filled activity sheet. 

London Games

London games to play

Try out this London-themed memory game with your family and friends, and find out who would be the best guard at Buckingham Palace. 

Scroll down for more colouring and activity sheets.

Visit Usborne Quicklinks

London Quicklinks

Spend a day in London

Visit Usborne Quicklinks for links to websites where you can take a virtual tour of London, see inside Buckingham Palace, listen to Big Ben's chimes, and take the ultimate London quiz. 

Parents - please note - children should be supervised online. Usborne is not responsible for the content of external websites. Please read the safety guidelines displayed at Usborne Quicklinks

More activity sheets

London skyline

London skyline to colour

Here's a view of the skyline of the City, the oldest part of London, to colour in.

Tower of London

Tower of London

When you visit the Tower of London you can see the famous black ravens that live at the Tower.

Spicy Curry

Spicy Curry

Brick Lane is famous for its restaurants selling delicious curries. This sheet shows how to cook bhuna gosht, a lamb curry. 

London activity book

London Activity Book

The activity sheets are taken from The Usborne London Activity Book, an exciting activity book full of puzzles, mazes, doodles and sticker activities, all set in London’s most famous landmarks.

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