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A day at the zoo

Are you ready to meet a whole bunch of exciting animals during a day at the zoo? There are hungry giraffes, playful penguins and swinging monkeys to be found in these delightfully wild, zoo-themed activity sheets.  

Don't forget to stop by the Usborne Quicklinks enclosure during your visit to feed the lions and meet a zookeeper and find animal facts and photos. Why not take in other sights in London after your visit to the zoo, too? 

Mischievous Monkeys

Mischievous monkeys

First stop on our day out is the monkey enclosure in this colourful look and find activity. Can you spot the monkey playing peekaboo, or the one wearing a mask?

Remarkable Reptiles

Remarkable reptiles

Moving on, it's time for the reptile house! This sheet will introduce you to all the creatures you'll see - including the red-eyed tree frog. We're sure there was a chameleon too...


Meet the meerkats

Did you know meerkats dig complicated burrows in the ground, with lots of holes to go in and out? Help them find their way out, and draw some funny faces in this activity sheet. 

Playful Penguins

Playful penguins

Next up is the penguin pool. Can you help the baby penguin find his wind-up toy, spot the one using binoculars, and is that a snowboarding penguin over there?

Big Cats Quiz

Curious cats

Lions and tigers and cheetahs! Oh my! Can you prove yourself to be the greatest big cat expert by answering the 10 questions in this roarsome quiz? Careful, it might bite...

Baby Animals

Zoo babies

When baby animals are born in a zoo, the keepers watch from a distance. They keep an eye on the babies and their mothers. Can you match each baby its mother? And help the baby tapir back to its mother?

Visit Usborne Quicklinks

Zoo Quicklinks

Let's go to a zoo

What's your favourite zoo animal? Click on the links to visit the recommended websites to see baby elephants, lions, pandas, koalas and lots of other zoo animals.

Parents - please note - children should be supervised online. Usborne is not responsible for the content of external websites. Please read the safety guidelines displayed at Usborne Quicklinks

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