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Stay Home Summer

Stay Home Summer with Usborne

Welcome to #StayHomeSummer with Usborne!

What is #StayHomeSummer?

Six weeks, six themes, six newsletters delivered to your inbox every Sunday from 12th July. We know the summer holidays feel very different this year after many weeks at home already, so we're here to keep you inspired and the children entertained.

What can I expect?

Each newsletter is packed full of ideas for summer adventures based on that week’s theme – ideas which require no more than your imagination and things you’ll find around the home or in a local park. From Seaside Adventures to Garden Games, Monster Fun and Time Travel, each week comes with a tick list of ideas to stick on your fridge, or snip up and pop in a jam jar to choose from each day. 

How do I join in?

Just sign up to the Usborne newsletter below and we'll do the rest.

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In case you missed them, here are the #StayHomeSummer adventures we've shared so far...

Week One's theme was Outdoor Adventure! 

We believe there's lots of fun to be had, even when you’re staying at home. Everything you need is already with you - so grab your imagination because we've got six weeks of ideas coming your way!

Check out the below video as Jenny Pearson, author of The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates, introduces all fun of week one. Print off or write out the tick-list and see how many you can complete!

Week Two's theme was Super Secret Spy Missions!

It's time to go undercover, so don a disguise - it is Top Secret Spy Week, we're going to be cracking secret codes, writing spy stories and creating characters, inventing gadgets, creating secret hideouts and much more!

Here is author P. G. Bell (The Train to Impossible Places) to introduce Super Secret Spy Missions week...

Week Three's theme was Seaside Adventures!

For week three we went to the seaside, so grab your sunglasses and your bucket and spade, we’re going to be making paper boats, ice cube treats and creating peaceful pencil drawings and much more, but watch out for those pesky sharks!

Lara Bryan, one of the authors of the Never Get Bored books, introduced the week's theme below! Print off or write out the tick-list and see how many you can complete!

Week Four's theme was Garden Games!

Whether you have a garden outside or you're making a mini garden inside, it is time to grab some wellies, maybe a bug catcher too and prepare to get muddy! We will be making a rainbow in a jar, flying paper planes, learning how to fold and fly a kite and playing stuck in the mud!

Darran Stobbart, author of 100 Things to Know About Planet Earth and Biggest..Fastest...Tallest..., introduces the week's theme below. Print off or write out the tick-list and see how many you can complete!

Week Five's theme was Time Travel!

During week five we went Time Travelling! Back to the dinosaurs to create a T.Rex, feasting like Romans, mummifying ourselves like Egyptians, travelling into space and creating imaginary unworry islands.

Matthew Oldham, author of The Usborne Book of Planet Earth and many other Usborne books, introduces the week's theme below. Print off or write out the tick-list and see how many you can complete!

Week Six's theme is Monster Fun!

There are no scary monsters here, just tasty ones, funny ones, smelly sock ones and worry ones! We've got a monster competition for you to enter, a step-by-step monster drawing tutorial, shadow puppet theatre, gloop to make and a worry monster to design. 

Join Usborne author Andy Prentice as he introduces a week of Monster Fun. Andy is the author of Write Your Own Sci-Fi and Fantasy Stories