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Numbers, counting and first sums

Here are some activity sheets to download to practise these important early years skills and concepts. Further down the page you'll find links to carefully selected online activities to do with your child.

counting strawberries

Counting strawberries

Can you help the fairies to count the strawberries?

counting practice

Counting spots

Help frog to read the numbers and count the spots.

learn to write numbers 1 to 10

Numbers 1 to 10

Trace over the numbers and count the squares.

counting practice for preschoolers

Monster favourites

Here are the things that these monsters like best. Count them and trace the numbers.

counting and number writing practice

Pirates on deck

Help the pirates to count the rats and trace over the numbers.

starting to add

Starting to add

Trace the bee's route as it visits the flowers from 1 to 10.

adding on 1

Spike's house

Practise adding on 1 by adding things to Spike's house.

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online number activities for children

Numbers online activities

Visit Usborne Quicklinks for links to websites about writing and ordering numbers.

practise simple sums and adding

Online adding activities

Visit Usborne Quicklinks for links to websites with online activities to practise simple sums and adding.

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