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THAT'S NOT MY® series colouring

Here's some THAT'S NOT MY® series colouring sheets to download. While your child is colouring, you could talk about the different textures, and find things around the house that feel the same.


That's not my unicorn...

Its wings are too smooth!


That's not my dinosaur...

Its body is too squashy!


That's not my flamingo...

Its wings are too soft!


That's not my lion...

Its paws are too rough!


That's not my puppy...

Its tail is too soft!


That's not my teddy...

Its patch is too squashy!

Ideas for bookish play

Usborne THAT'S NOT MY® series books provide lots of opportunities for bookish play, including learning about colours and sorting and describing things. Read our Ideas for bookish play blog for lots of suggestions from our readers.