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Creative play

Art and crafts are excellent entertainment for toddlers.  It's not just fun – tapping into their natural creativity is a great way to explore the world around them and develop their fine motor skills, concentration and attention.  Making necklaces, playing with dough and sticking pictures are just some of the ideas below for your toddler to try. They'll love showing off their latest creation to you!

playing with dough

Playing with dough

Rolling, squeezing, pummelling or making shapes, here are some tips on how toddlers can play with dough.

sticking activity for toddlers

Sticky fun

Toddlers can't handle scissors yet but they'll love sticking faces and shapes onto paper.

painting ideas for toddlers

Fun with paint

Here are some fun ways to paint that don't involve a paintbrush.

make and play activities with toddlers

Make and build

Reuse cardboard boxes, tubes and plastic bottles with these ideas for things to make and build.

drawing for toddlers


Introduce toddlers to the concept of drawing with these fun ideas.

painting with water

Water painting

Can't face the mess of painting? Here's a great alternative.

face painting toddlers

Face painting

Toddlers love seeing themselves transformed!

threading necklaces


Use pasta or beads to make necklaces.

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online art and craft activities for babies and toddlers

From first drawing and scribbling to making a collage, here are some carefully chosen art and craft ideas for toddlers.

get creative using household objects

No art supplies? No problem! Here are some ideas to get creative using things you have around the house.

Books your baby and toddler will love

It's never to early to start using books with your baby! They'll love the sound of your voice as you read to them, and flaps and touchy-feely patches help develop their sensory and language skills.