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Activities to do with your baby

There's lots of activities you can do with your baby using things you have at home. In fact, at this age, your baby's best playmate is you! They love to hear you singing, talking or playing peek-a-boo. Here are some activities to help you pass the time at home with a baby, and further down the page there are links to Usborne Quicklinks with even more ideas. 

Shake a rattle

Shake a rattle

You can make simple rattles with things you have at home. Most babies love the sound a rattle makes.

Baby in a box

In and out

Here's some fun activities to help your toddler learn words like "in" and "out".

Nursery rhyme image

Rhyme time

Toddlers love nursery rhymes - you could try missing out a word sometimes, for your child to fill in.

Water painting

Water painting

Painting with water can be as much fun as actual painting! You might like to try this activity outside, or on a balcony.

Baby stacking objects

Stacking and packing

Babies and toddlers are fascinated by things that fit into other things.  This activity helps them recognise shape and size too.

Baby with book

Book time

Here are some ideas for building books into your toddler's daily routine.

Visit Usborne Quicklinks

At Usborne Quicklinks we've provided links to some of the best websites with ideas for playtime activities.

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Picture of a baby

Baby activities

Lots of simple ideas for talking, singing and playing with babies.

Toddler playing

Toddler activities

Lots of ideas for activities to help your toddler explore and understand the world around them.

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