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Science activities

Here are some science activity sheets for 7-11 year olds to try some home experiments. You can also find lots more science things to do on Usborne Quicklinks, or test your knowledge in a couple of quizzes.

Think like a scientist

Think like a scientist

Follow these steps to ask questions about the world around you and then design experiments.

Building bridges

Design a bridge

Experiment with different bridge designs, then test them to find the strongest.

Layered liquids

Layered liquids experiment

Take liquids such as olive oil, food dye and syrup and see how they separate into layers.

Ice experiments

Ice experiments

Try some experiments to learn about how ice melts.

Growing pips

Grow some pips

Try growing plants from fruit you eat, such as avocados, dates or citrus fruit.

Growing seeds

Growing seeds

You may be able to find seeds in the kitchen to grow. You can grow popcorn kernels, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, and fennel or cumin too.

Invent a robot

Invent a robot

Use this sheet to invent a robot that could help and entertain you. What does your robot look like? What can it do?

Optical illusions activity

Optical illusions

It's easy to tell when lines are parallel, yes? Well try these activities and you'll wonder if you can believe your eyes!

Usborne Quicklinks

At Usborne Quicklinks you'll find links to websites with lots more fun science things to do.

Parents - please note - children should be supervised online. Usborne is not responsible for the content of external websites. Please read the safety guidelines displayed at Usborne Quicklinks

science experiment

Experiments to try at home

Try some baffling body experiments, make animal ears, examine a worm farm and lots more.

STEM games and activities

STEM games and activities

Online challenges, videos and activities for STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering and maths.

What do scientists do?

What do scientists do?

Meet a wildlife scientist who hangs out with penguins, a paleontologist who digs up dinosaurs and more.

Opticval illusions

Optical illusions online

Baffle your eyes with some optical illusions and discover the science behind them.


Try some science online

Investigate magnets, electric circuits and more with these online science activities.

Science quizzes

Science quiz

100 Things to Know About Science quiz

Try these ten quickfire questions on topics from bones to bee stings and battery acid.

Engineering quiz

Engineering quiz

Are you a budding engineer? Test your knowledge in this quiz!

Activity booklets

Usborne STEM booklet

STEM activity booklet

This 46 page booklet is full of activities to test your skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Think like an engineer

Think Like an Engineer activity booklet

Find out what it takes to be an awesome engineer in this free online activity booklet, filled with problems to solve, things to create and links to websites to find out more.