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Reading activities: The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

Are you ready for a super miraculous journey?

Try these activity sheets based on the hilarious and heartwarming new book from Jenny Pearson, or scroll down for a home learning resource pack.

The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates

Freddie Yates likes facts. Just not the one staring him in the face – that his secret plan is not, in fact, secret. Because Freddie's journey wasn't meant to involve Big Trev and the onion-eating competition or the loo-exploding pear-and-potato turnovers. And Freddie definitely didn't expect to end up, with his two best friends, on national television in a supergirl costume. But journeys never take you where you think they will. And for Freddie, that fact might just have to be enough... The super funny, heart-warming adventure of three boys, one summer holiday, and a few miracles along the way. A SUNDAY TIMES CHILDREN’S BOOK OF THE WEEK


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Activity sheets

Ten things I've done that made me proud

Ten things I've done that made me proud

In our super busy lives, sometimes it’s good to stop and think about the things we do that make us proud.

Ten facts

Ten facts

Create a ‘Fact List’. You can use any resources you have available to help you to research funny facts.

What makes a superhero

What makes a superhero?

Think about your superhero qualities and skills and write them in the different layers of the onion!

Design a pant

Design a pant

Freddie and his friends have run out of fresh underpants. Design a pair to help them on their way.

Factination - true or false

Factination - true or false?

Can you guess which of these facts are true or false?

Spot the difference

Spot the difference

Can you spot the eight differences between these two pictures?

Home learning

Freddie Yates home learning pack

Super resource pack for KS2 home learners

This resource pack has been adapted for use at home. Take your pick from four activities for extended learning inspired by The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates.

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