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Be a spy or a detective!

Shhh, this page is TOP SECRET. All good spies need to be able to write their own secret messages, test their memories and observation skills and learn the art of disguise. This is a training page for a brand new generation of spies.

Top secret activities to download

invisible writing for spies

Invisible writing

Spies need to communicate secretly. This is how to make a message invisible.

who stole the secret plans

Who stole the secret plans?

An enemy agent has broken into a top security building and stolen some plans. Can you work out who?

decode the text message

Text message mystery

Help Detective Dan to decode the Crazy Coder Gang's text message

anagram code puzzle

Mangara deco anagram code

These messages have been mixed up. Solve the puzzle to make sense of the items.

sioux indian messages

Sioux Indian messages

Based on Sioux Indian messages, you can chalk these symbols on trees or stones to leave a trail.

break the code

Katy Kode detective in disguise

New to Ace Agency, Katy needs to break this code to receive her first instructions.

test your powers of observation

Test your observation

To become a good spy you must notice and remember the smallest details. Use this test to train your powers.


Usborne Quicklinks

Visit Usborne Quicklinks for links to websites with lots more spy and detective activities.

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online activities for young spies and detectives

Visit Usborne Quicklinks for links to activities  specially chosen for young spies and detectives. Investigate the scene of a crime, learn how to question a suspect and keep an eye out for suspicious characters. 

Detective skills

Detective training

Discover disguises, analyze handwriting, find out how to identify fingerprints, and test your memory to improve your detective skills.

Usborne books for young spies and detectives in training

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