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Reading activities: Unipiggle the Unicorn Pig

Hannah Shaw, the author and illustrator of the delightful Unipiggle the Unicorn Pig has created activity sheets to enjoy with the books. Scroll down for Unipiggle and Princess Pea colouring sheets and activities, and draw-along videos with Hannah.

Welcome to Twinkleland Kingdom, where everything is 100% perfect. Except Princess Pea – she loves getting muddy and having fun with her Royal Unicorn - who happens to be a pig! 

Scroll down to meet Unipiggle in this short video

Activity sheets

Unipiggle Colouring Sheet

Unipiggle colouring sheet

Oh no! All of the colour has been taken out of Twinkleland Kingdom! Help Princess Pea and Unipiggle by colouring in their magical world.

How to draw unipiggle

How to draw Unipiggle

Do you want to learn to draw your very own adorable Unipiggle? You just need a pencil, a rubber, and some colouring pencils. 

Make a Bookmark

Make a bookmark

It's time to create your own loud, muddy, and proud Unipiggle bookmark! You'll find instructions on everything you'll need on this sheet.

Unicorn and Unipiggle sheet

Unicorn and Unipiggle drawing guide

Unipiggle needs friends! This guide will help you create him one, and don't forget to check out the author's draw-a-long video below!

Draw-along videos with Hannah Shaw

Learn to draw Unipiggle and a unicorn

Learn to draw a dragon from Unipiggle