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Maths practice for 5-7 year olds

Here are some fun activities to help 5-7 year olds practise their maths at home. You can print off the activity sheets or talk about them together on-screen.

Adding practice

Adding practice

Count how many things each animal has found, then add one more. Then circle the odd and even numbers.

What is it equal to?

What is it equal to?

The mice need the same number of apples on each side to balance the see-saw. Count the apples and trace the numbers in the boxes.



Learn how to use a pictogram to compare everything which Lep and his four friends ate for a whole day.

Pie chart

Pie charts

Tig and his 15 friends and family are at the jungle cinema, but can't decide on which film to watch together. Use a pie chart to see which film got the most votes.

Groups of 10

Groups of 10

It's the family boat race today. There are 2 boats at the front, each with 10 animals in. Write how many animals there are altogether.

Groups of parrots

Groups of parrots

The parrots are sitting in groups of 2. Complete the adding calculation to show how many parrots there are altogether.

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Simple sums

Adding and subtracting

Try some simple online games and worksheets to practise adding and taking away.

Multiplication activities

Multiplying and dividing

Play multiplication bingo, practise dividing by sharing and try other online activities.

Times tables practice

Online times tables practice

Simple games, quizzes and printables to hlep your child learn their times tables.


Meet some shapes

Find out about flat shape, solid shapes and tessellations, and play simple shapes games.

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