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Colouring for 5-7 year olds

Here are some colouring sheets for 5-7 year olds.

Flower colouring

Flower colouring

Can you colour the flowers on the right to match the image on the left?

Theatre to colour

Theatre to colour

Colour in this modern theatre in London – an exact copy of a theatre from Shakespeare's time.

Superhero colouring

Superhero colouring

Did someone say help? Here's some superheroes to colour in.

Secret image

Secret image

Fill in the blue-dotted shapes to reveal the secret image.

Princess and the pea colouring

Princess and the Pea

Prince Florian wants to marry a real princess. But how will he know when he finds her?

Billy goat colouring

The Three Billy Goats

The goats are looking for some new grass to eat. There’s lots on the hill across the bridge – but there’s also a hungry troll under the bridge.

Ballet colouring

At the ballet

Colour this scene from The Nutcracker with the Sugar Plum Fairy dancing in the magical land of sweets.

Whales to colour

Whales and fishes

Here's a picture of whales and fishes to colour in.

The golden fish colouring

The Golden Fish

One day, Ned catches a magic golden fish. “You can have a wish,” the fish says...

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At the Usborne Quicklinks website you'll find links to some of the best websites for online colouring, and lots of ideas for making art online which will keep small children occupied and creative for many minutes!

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Online colouring

Online colouring

Try colouring online with stamps, sounds and animations, or colour your favourite Disney characters.

Online art

Make art online

Draw, paint, mix colours, make nature art and even underwater patterns in the sand!