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Parent's Pick: Rapunzel Magic Painting

Parent's Pick: Rapunzel Magic Painting
Amirah (age 5) with Rapunzel Magic Painting

Review of Rapunzel Magic Painting by Carly:

"Amirah enjoyed having the story read to her, before going back and painting the pictures. She found it much easier to paint than the non-story magic painting titles, as the areas to paint were larger, so predicting the colours and keeping the surround areas clean was much more manageable.

Amirah loved the story and responded really well to searching for and then painting parts of the picture that were mentioned in the text. She was convinced that the painting element really was 'magic' and has already requested more of the Magic Painting Story Books for Christmas."

Rapunzel magic painting

Rapunzel magic painting

Bring the classic fairy tale Rapunzel to life with this beautiful magic painting book. Will Rapunzel ever escape the tower and be with her prince? Brush water over the black and white patterns to reveal the story and see the pages magically burst into vibrant colour. With a handy flap to stop paint seeping through to the page beneath.


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